5 Things to Do at the Jelačić Square in Zagreb

Jelačić Square is Zagreb’s main city square, the one that is always busy, colourful and full of life. It is today, as it was in the past, a place where all types of people meet on their daily routes through Zagreb’s downtown. It’s where you’ll go to feel the heartbeat of Zagreb, see the common people walk by and revel in the bright colours of polished buildings built in a classical Middle-European style. But what else can you do at Jelačić square? We bring several suggestions:

1. Drink a cup of coffee in one of the old coffeehouses and watch the blue sky as the people go by

People have been sipping coffee on the Jelacic Square for almost 200 years. Do it as the Austro-Hungarian citizens did in the 19th century, or do it as Orson Welles did it in the 20th century. By all means, find a coffeehouse that pleases your senses and don’t let the good tradition go to waste.

2. Meet someone under the clock

Like many other capitals, Zagreb has its meeting spot, and it’s under the clock on the western side of the square. This very same clock has been in operation since 1953, and it’s still facilitated by the same family Lebarović. While you wait for your company under the clock, you’ll see all sorts of people meeting their friends and lovers, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch the local pigeon lover who is stopping by daily to feed the hungry flock around sunset.

3. Feast your eyes on the colourful flowers on Splavnica

It’d be nice to surprise your friends with some locally produced flowers, so walk over towards the big stairs leading to Dolac market and choose among the flowers being sold on the street. The ladies who sell them are locally referred to as ‘kumica’ (Eng: peasant godmother who lives in the countryside).

4. Get a burek and eat it by the fountain Manduševac

You’ll find that the mountain region of Medvednica has lots of accompanying springs, and one such is located on the Ban Jelačić Square. Above the original spring, we’ve built a fountain called Manduševac, which is a nice spot to sit down and make a wish. If you’re willing to experience a fast lunch done the Croatian way, head over to the bakery also situated on the main square, buy a burek and eat it with yoghurt.

5. Attend a concert or an important celebration

Various events take place on the Jelačić square throughout the year, and the square can host up to 48000 people at once. One of the most popular events is the Advent and the New Year’s Eve concert in December, or the Snow Queen Trophy in January. Yes, we’ve actually built a ski track in the middle of Zagreb. Keep your eyes on what’s current and you’re bound to find some event going on in the main square in Zagreb.

Finally, the Jelacic square is an excellent starting point for exploring Zagreb. North and above from the square, you’ll find medieval towns Gradec and Kaptol, and south from the square, you’ll find the modern Zagreb. If you wish to explore further, trams in all directions go from the square, so hop on to the unknown. And if you’d like some company along, book your SNIP tour to find out more and learn all the interesting stories about Zagreb’s main square.

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