As avid travelers or keen tourists, we often find ourselves in a short, intense love affair with places we visit and we want to remember them, as tangible and perfectly imperfect as we experienced them. We want to share them with others in an authentic and meaningful way. What if you could relive that infatuation each time you put a record on? What if you could show it to someone special as a timeless and intimate gift?

Snip is a collection of unique records that aim to capture the vivid life of Croatian cities through local music, field recordings, ambient sounds and insider stories behind their crucial landmarks. It's imagined as a colorful souvenir that merges visuals and sound to let you experience the city in a dynamic, direct way, activating your senses and exposing unique details that may skip your attention while you're roaming the streets or put a smile on your face as you recognize them later. 


The idea for Snip was born out of the desire to offer you a fun, sustainable and educational piece of memory and promote Croatian culture and artists as we explore our own country and its many hidden corners. We teamed up with local artists from each place we visit and asked them to show us their version of the city. Every record from this collection is a diverse collaborative project between visual artists, designers, illustrators, musicians and curious travelers, where we play, express ourselves and learn about rich Croatian history on the go – while we breathe in the smells, soak up the impressions, listen to the sounds of the city and how they change on specific location. 


On our first record, Snip of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is seen through the eyes of a spontaneous local musician as he guides us through his favorite places: Ban Jelačić Square, marvelous Old Town, Dolac market and park Zrinjevac. Each of these places is tied to custom, a legend or a specific story that he reveals through narration entwined with random moments, chatter and noises, from approaching trams to distinct bang from Lotrščak Tower that announces noon. Exclusive and original artwork by illustrator Rina Barbarić follows his meanderings with her own distinct vision of Zagreb. She connects the cities landmarks in an innocent, endearing and quirky visual showing just how imaginative and versatile our capital can get. This is exactly what Snip is about: sharing memories, ideas, and laughs, celebrating diversity, sustainability, and local creative forces. Honoring and reimagining history. 


In this way, Snip can serve as both a souvenir and a decorative object to light up any space with a hint of nostalgic mischief, as well as a creative gift for friends, family or even business partners, creating real and thoughtful bonds.

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